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ExpatExchange Daily Update sponsored post

Discussion in 'Trending news' started by support, Jun 1, 2017.

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  1. support

    support Support

    Dec 26, 2016
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    Colombia: Tourist visa after TP-7 visa? posted by Gringo1a
    I was told that I can leave Colombia and come back as a tourist right after my TP-7 visa expires. I cannot renew it at this time and need to stay in Colombia I wanted to ask for help/advice from anyone who has already gone through this. Thanks in Advance! :)

    Guatemala: Anti-vax posted by Klopez87
    I will be traveling to Guate in the near future and don't want to get vaccines for any of us. Has anyone gone and not gotten anything and been fine? Our family is not known to get sick very often and when we do it is mild and doesn't last long. My 3rd is vaccine free and don't want to have her get any. We have a house in Jutiapa, where my husband's family lives. If anyone can help that would be great. No negativity please. This is my choice and I just want advice not an argument. Thank you

    Mexico: Etsy posted by jewelsmith
    Greetings! I am a custom jeweler in Santa Fe, NM. I am researching the Ajijic area with hope of relocating in the next few months. I joined this forum hoping to get some info on doing business in your area. Specifically , I am trying to find out if any of you are involved with selling on ETSY. I am building an ETSY site for my work. If I move to Mexico, can I still use ETSY to market and sell my work to the US, Europe, etc.? Or are there restrictions in Mexico that will hinder me. As a US citizen living and creating here in the states, I can sell and ship my work all over the world...But what happens in Mexico? If I am creating in Mexico, am I still able to sell and ship all over the world? I have already contacted Etsy, and have no answer thus far. I will be thrilled to hear from anyone out there that has the "scoop" on this!!! Thanks so much!!!!

    Saudi Arabia: Small compounds in Riyadh posted by albegami
    For those who do not want to spend a lot of money for renting in expensive compounds. We have small gated communities near Diplomatic Quarters in Riyadh. Currently having 15 nationalities staying with us. Only for expatriates. No more than 2 children. Single women or single man can be rented.

    Portugal: Visa Response Timeline? posted by heasley
    Hi, our family of 4 is scheduled to move to Portugal June 18. We live in Florida so we're working through the DC consulate for residence visas. I originally sent an email inquiry and I got back a set of directions that included that we should apply "at least" 3 months early. I had everything ready so the application arrived at the consulate Feb. 1. On April 26 I got an email that they needed the official airbnb receipt for the address on the schengen visa form (the original directions only asked for an address). I sent the receipt which is for a one week stay and said if they needed a longer one I could provide that. I got a response back that said "longer is better" so I went out and reserved another rental for an additional month. I sent an inquiry this week asking if everything was OK or if they needed more documentation and didn't get a reply at all. When I read the statute translation from the SEF website article 58 says "Without prejudice to shorter time limits established in this Act, the period to issue a decision on the application for a residence visa is 60 days." so I wasn't expecting it to take this long and our departure date is looming. Has anyone else had it take this long? Thanks. Heather

    Belize: block vs wood house posted by jcaraz
    We are moving to the San Ignacio area in a year or so. We plan to rent and then build a house. What would be a recommendation of building material-wood structure vs block construction?

    Culture Shock

    Share your experiences with newcomers and other expats by filling in our culture shock report.
    Q: If they speak another language in your new country, do you speak the language? If yes, did you learn the language before you moved or while abroad? If no, are you planning to learn the language?

    A: PH has good English, but it is not universally spoken. My Filipina wife does most of my interactions, but for simple affairs I can use my pidgin.

    Read Full Report: Culture Shock in Batangas City, Philippines

    Additional Advice:

    Culture Shock in Nueva Gorgona, Panama
    Culture Shock in Signes, France
    Culture Shock in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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    9 Healthcare & Health Insurance Tips for Expats in Belize
    By Betsy Burlingame
    Expats in Belize share tips and advice about healthcare and health insurance in Belize. While some expats advise those with serious health issues not to move to Belize, other expats choose Corozal for its proximity to doctors and clinics over the border in Chetumal, Mexico. Other topics include the quality of medical care, having a baby in Belize and more.

    Moving to Nicaragua: 13 Things to Know Before You Move to Nicaragua
    By Betsy Burlingame
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    By Joshua Wood
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  2. Normaicese

    Normaicese Guest

    Did these articles ever make it out onto Daily Mail?

    Never noticed anything myself.


    Видела тогда любопытный мастурбатор, я нередко в командировке, вот хочу своему парню приобрести, как считаете это поможет избежать измены?
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